Thursday, July 1, 2010

My First Expatriate "Honey Do" List

With Lindsay headed back to the airport in a couple hours to participate in the nuptials of Melissa, her best friend from childhood (if there are other childhood friends reading this, deal with it), I thought I'd provide a quick update on my plans over the next ten or so days while she's gone....
  • Take two 3-day weekends
  • Watch the Germany/Argentina World Cup match from the airport Radisson (actually a lot less depressing than it sounds) 
  • Attend the U.S. embassy's Fourth of July celebration 
  • Travel someplace in India for the non-holiday weekend; the probable destination is Dharamshala, exiled home of the Dalai Lama 
  • Some sort of time at the pool 
  • Order pizza online (which to a non-Hindi speaking foreigner is approximately seventeen times easier than trying to place an order over the phone) 
  • Start those Hindi lessons back up on Rosetta Stone 
  • Conduct a scientific experiment with respect to the tap water quality in our apartment 
  • Repeat that same experiment with repsect to the filtered water in our apartment (not sure I want the results to this) 
  • If time allows, journey alone into old Delhi (note, "alone" includes the assistance of my trusty driver, Kailish) 
Yep, it's going to be an exciting (and potentially busy) few days. Oh yeah, and congratulations Melissa!

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