Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Come Drink Beer Cafe

When one visits an establishment with an acronym for a name, and that acronym stands for "Come Drink Beer", one has certain expectations.

Unfortunately, CDB seemed to treat their beer menu like many restaurants treat their wine lists; as in, they're not too particular in maintaining a supply of what's offered.

From a menu that contained fifteen or so imported varieties, all of which I've seen elsewhere (expectation number two was that they had some mystical supply of beer I'd yet to see in India), they had a grand total of three. When the waiter sensed our frustration with this revelation, he drove the point home by walking over to the refrigerator and coming back with one bottle each of Corona, Asahi, and Peroni to show us the menu much like you'd expect at dessert. Defeated, I ordered an IMFL (Indian-made foreign liquor) Budweiser. It doesn't taste like a real Budwesier (no complaints there) and is only marginally better than the typical selections of Kingfisher and Foster's.

After the disappointment of the CDB, I've decided my next challenge is to try and find "Little Devil's India Pale Ale", which is apparently the only IPA actually brewed in India <insert obvious ironic reference to the "I" in IPA here>. I've yet to see it offered and not even sure the company that brews it still exists, but if anyone can find, I think I might be just the man.


  1. Maybe I'll send Paul with a variety of selections from our local favorite...Binny's! Perhaps you can start an expat business selling your new selection of brews. Sounds like there is a strong demand and no supply!

  2. There is a Beer Bar " Howz That"in Gurgaon which serves Fresh Beer. I'll give you its address. I am sure you'll like it. Its quite comfortable and calm. You will not finde much Expats there though.

  3. Thanks, have actually been and enjoyed the beer, though I still think the best microbrew in town is at Vapour, though I'm partial to outdoor seating which makes Vapour the best choice in my mind.