About Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth

We're a fairly typical American married couple with dual incomes and no children. I would say "young married couple" but Lindsay claims we no longer qualify (I blame her for finally catching up and hitting her thirties). We arrived in India by way of the fictional greater-Chicagoland area (the northwestern suburbs, to be more specific) in early January 2010 and intend to remain through the end of 2011. Our situation is  somewhat unique in the expat community in that we both possess employment visas and work full-time. In fact, we both work for the same company which helped make the decision to relocate to India for two years a much easier one. In other words, we're fortunate enough that neither of us had to put our careers officially or unofficially on hold to make this experience happen.

We actually spent six months here from October 2004 - April 2005, so while we are in no way experts on Indian culture or the Indian way of life, we didn't walk into this assignment entirely blind and had some idea what we were getting ourselves into. Our temporary home is Gurgaon, a suburb bordering Delhi to the southwest. Gurgaon is perhaps the finest example of the figurative economic explosion this country is experiencing. In fact, the growth in the five short years since our first assignment is nothing short of remarkable. And yes, the fact that we were married five years ago while here likely seals Lindsay's "we're no longer a young married couple" argument.

One of the primary drivers for taking this assignment and leaving the comfort of family and friends was the ability to see and experience things we wouldn't ordinarily see and experience in our day-to-day Chicago suburbanite lives. While we've always enjoyed traveling, basing ourselves in Delhi opens some doors for a great deal of travel that would otherwise be cost and time prohibitive. As a result, Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth won't actually be in India at all times but plan to post updates about those experiences as well because many of those travels wouldn't be possible if we weren't already in this part of the world.

And yes, most of the actual written content is provided by Mr. Luth; however, the (and Mrs.) chimes in from time to time and if nothing else, she's the source of a great deal of the material on this site.