Friday, July 23, 2010

Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth Go to Turkey

This weekend marks my first journey off the subcontinent in nearly seven months and the wife's first since last Tuesday.

After much consideration and a number of factors (i.e., a fairly easy flight, something that might seem otherwise expensive from Chicago, something offering a break from Indian culture and life), we decided on a 10 day trip to Turkey that is really set up as three distinct 3-night trips. First, we're headed to the Aegean coast to tour the Roman ruins at Ephesus and a two night stay in Bodrum. Second, three nights in Cappadocia (which I'm looking forward to the most; the pictures I've seen resemble a Moab-esque landscape, only if early Christians had lived in the rock formations). Last up is three nights in Istanbul.

Everyone says that Turkey is a great blend of "West" and "East" (for obvious geographic and historic reasons). Based on my research and reading, it's not exactly Western Europe but not exactly India either; in other words, it's pretty much what I think I need.

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