Monday, July 19, 2010

The Most Disturbing Breath Mint Commercial Ever

Over the weekend I saw perhaps the most disturbing television commercial I've seen while in India. It's for a product called Chlor-Mint, which I gather is some sort of mouth freshener, though you'd be hard-pressed to learn what the product actually is from simply watching the thirty second spot. Of course, it's also in Hindi, so there's a chance something is missed in translation. Here's my best effort to recreate the advertisement for your viewing pleasure:

A bus carrying a sports team of some sort of teenage girls is stopped on the road by a herd of Holstein cattle and a herdsman in traditional Indian dress. There is nothing odd about the cows except that they have a third horn protruding from the middle of their head. The girls have some sort of heated conversation with the herdsman. The herdsman decides that the cows need some of the mints and proceeds to skillfully toss a mint into each of the cows' mouths. He then starts to milk a cow, removes the middle horn from one of the cow's head, and returns to the cow's utter, only to get soft-serve ice cream rather than milk. He turns the removed horn upside down and begins to serve soft-serve ice cream to the team of stranded girls. Everyone is happy. The End.

I don't even know what to say, what to ask, or why it any way promotes a breath mint. I do know, that whenever it came on the rest of the weekend, that I was strangely riveted by the fact that (1) someone actually thought of this and (2) someone actually produced it.

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  1. Hello Mr Luth
    I know the advert you're talking about! Its Chlormint- which is supposed to give you a 'cool' fresh breath.....the point of the ad is that chlor mint is so cool that when fed to cows, they produce ice cream instead of milk! Silly I know!