Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tollway Exemptions

Every time I drive between Delih and Gurgaon I get a kick out of this sign (apologies I couldn't get the entire sign, but this is the best result after five or six attempts from a moving vehicle). It just seems an odd thing to post so publicly to make sure everyone is aware that the VVIP's don't pay the INR 15 toll (or in American currency, $0.33).
The sign raises a few questions (which I'm sure have reasonable, less interesting answers): What constitutes an "independent consultant" (number 13)? Why the discrimination against "central and state ministers" and "speaker of central and state legislature" (numbers 6 and 7)? Would they ever be going through a toll and not do so in a vehicle?


  1. Stumbled across your blog while on the HSBC blog (I think?). We think this sign is peculiarly hysterical as well! Though we've never noticed #6 and #7 ("while in vehicles").

  2. I must admit I didn't even notice the "while in vehicles" until after I took the picture (though it certainly adds to the sign).

  3. official vehicles...