Monday, July 5, 2010

The Steripen Challenge....Delayed

My planned scientific experiment, The Steripen Challenge, has been indefinitely delayed as I have been unable to locate the instrument required to conduct the experiment, the Steripen. It's a portable water purification system that I had hoped to utilize to see exactly how bad the tap water is and whether the RO-UV purification system in our apartment actually works. In hindsight, this would have been a good idea before the first glass of purified water. As for the location of the instrument, I think there's a good chance the wife has hidden it while out of the country so that I don't do something stupid, like try and purify monsoon ditch water (don't think I'm not going to try).

I was excited about my first scientific experiment since my freshman year in college when I was an arrogant enough Finance major that I thought I could master Miami University's pre-med weed out class, the dreaded BMZ116. Let's just say "master" isn't the word my Dad uses to describe my passing grade.

In lieu of The Steripen Challenge, I took it upon myself to take advantage of some unseasonably cool weather (it's only 81 degrees here with a heat index of 87), measure something else, and finally take a quick run outside. Even though I've adjusted to treadmill running, I've learned there is no substitute actually running outside; after a couple months of a Chicago winter and six months in India, it was long overdue. Even though it's technically an "off" day as the gym is closed on Mondays, I wanted to measure the protected distance that can be run within the grounds of our apartment complex without exposure to traffic (other than vehicles coming and going). The good news, if my Garmin is correct,  is that the loop is 1.1 miles, more than enough variety to keep from getting bored when the weather cools down. It also make outdoor training for the Delhi Half Marathon an actual possibility if and when the date for this year's race is announced.

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  1. Getting caught up on your blog posts. Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy with some interesting adventures while Lindsay is here. Congrats on your 1st outdoor run. It's been pretty hot here and I've been avoiding outdoor running myself. Keep us posted on your water experiment. Funny.... I kind of remember your experience with the weed out class.