Friday, July 23, 2010

Desert Highlights Canyoneering

As you can tell from this post's title, it has nothing to do with India but could loosely be associated with the blog since it involves travel. In addition, these guys have lost our business for the next two seasons so figured the least I could do was give them a little exposure to all 21 of my followers.

The canyoneering company we've used to guide us in Moab, Desert Highlights, sent out an email to past customers announcing their expansion into guiding in the Oregon Cascades. If you've never done canyoneering and want to get outside your comfort zone, I couldn't recommend the activity and this company enough. It's a great mix of hiking, rappelling, and scrambling. Lindsay and I have used them on two separate occasions and they've been two of our favorite days of vacation. Ever.

Here's a link to their Oregon site:

Lindsay after falling in a sinkhole in Granary Canyon, October 2008

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