Monday, July 12, 2010


I finally played tourist for a little while in Delhi on Saturday and went to Hauz Khas Village, which is a fairly newly developed shopping area set around 13th century ruins. When trying to enter the gate, we were told by a fairly casual looking gentleman that the ruins were closed. Perplexed, I looked at him and asked, "Huh?" He repeated "Closed". Thinking he was just some random guy trying to collect some sort of self-imposed entrance tax, I asked why. He replied, "Filming a movie. Should open at six."

Shortly after six, we walked back to the entrance and could see all kinds of kids playing soccer in the grass. The same casual looking gentleman was still manning his post and seemed to be limiting entrance (even though there were already dozens of people in side). He begrudgingly let us enter and we started to walk around to the primary ruin. A swiftly moving man approached from the opposite direction with a couple of lackeys trailing him. He stopped to sign a couple autographs so I decided to start taking shots to figure out who he was after the fact (I'm not much of an authority on Bollywood actors).
Based on my limited internet research, I deduced the actor to be Ranbir Kapoor (note, he's the one in black, not the one with the satchel). I have no idea who he is but this site refers to "the chocolate actor Ranbir Kapoor surely is hot property these days" (note, I have no idea what "chocolate actor" means), so it's possible he's kind of a big deal?

After being passed by Mr. Kapoor, we literally walked into the set getting torn down. Personally, it seemed like you wouldn't want random tourists walking around, but who am I to argue. To be honest, the only way I even found out the movie was called "Rockstar" was that I happened to see one of those signs that details the scene number with the movie title. And yes, this revelation greatly aided my internet research to identify the mystery actor.
I've still yet to see a Bollywood movie in a theatre (or on video for that matter; the closest I've come is the end credits to Slumdog Millionaire), but based on this close encounter, I might need to make "Rockstar" my first.

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