Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Second Layer

The wife arrived back from the U.S. late last night. As any good husband would do, I told her the driver would be there to pick her up. And then decided to tag along to surprise her. This post isn't about her arrival so much as it is about what we witnessed upon getting home.

Many apartment complexes in Gurgaon have a couple security layers. First, a guarded gate to enter the actual premises and, second, a guarded desk for entrance into the actual building (much like an RA at a college dorm). Our's is no exception. The guards are friendly enough though I still find it odd that they salute me (no, I don't salute back).

At 1:30am the second layer might not be terribly effective. Upon driving up to our building, the station wasn't manned (which isn't all that different because the guards often sit in close proximity to the entrance where I suspect the ventilation is better). The guards were sitting in their secondary position, illuminated by the headlights as we pulled into the apartment. They didn't move. In fact, based on their body language and the apparent deep slumber, they could have been roofied (or as the other Doug in The Hangover suggested, "flooried") The headlights didn't wake them, us talking didn't wake them, and the doors and trunk slamming didn't make them. Not exactly a rousing endorsement for complex security.

Lindsay suggested a picture (she had her camera handy; and let's be honest this post would have been more interesting with pictures), but I figured that some things translate fairly easily, including the concept of "we're mocking you by taking your picture and hoping the flash doesn't wake you up". While being mocked (I mean, being documented) had been fully earned and was completely deserved, I guess I'd rather keep the guards on our good side.

Of course, upon getting into the apartment, I triple checked to make sure the door was double dead-bolted.

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