Friday, August 20, 2010

Ozone Fitness Center for the Audibly Unimpaired

Nearly three months after the renovations to the gym were scheduled to be complete (yes, there was a sign posted saying that the mess and noise were regretted but should only last another week; however, that sign was posted in mid-May), they finished up this morning with the installation of the weight equipment. Being the early bird that I've become, when I arrived at 10:15am the installation was not complete. No worries as I hadn't planned on the "Strength" room being open. I was there today to focus on "Cardio" (to alleviate confusion, the two rooms are actually labeled as such). I decided to check the new "Strength" equipment just to make sure it had been worth the wait.

It was. But what struck me upon entering the room wasn't the sparkling new equipment. It was the utter tranquility that the room. After months of frustration with the generally accepted sound level of the Indian gym, the trainers were busy testing the new equipment to the unexpected soothing sounds of traditional Indian music at a respectable, if not even quiet, level. Here was a room where I could workout and actually listen to an iPod without sneering at the nearest employee or shrugging inconsolably when the bass started thumping.

Of course, when I went to "Cardio" it was business as usual, so I'm guess that soothing traditional Indian music at a respectable level which would enable a customer to listen to their own music of choice on a personal device is a pleasure reserved only for product testing.


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