Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Grumpy Camel

Much like the average six year old, the wife still maintains a "favorite animal." Luckily for her, that animal is the camel and there's no shortage of sightings in our current environment. After dinner last night as we were waiting for Kailesh to pick us up, we sighted a fully dressed camel sitting on the side of the road, obviously there for economic purposes. Not surprisingly, Lindsay wanted her picture taken, so I handed her a Rs. 20 note (around $0.50) to offer the camel's master in the event he requested money for a picture. While I'm not typically a huge fan of exploiting animals, I make an exception for camels due to Lindsay's affinity for them and the fact that it's basically a domesticated animal in these parts. I also make an exception for elephants, because let's face it, who's going to turn down an opportunity to ride an elephant when it presents itself?

Would you want a picture with this sinister looking camel?
Last night, however, all Lindsay wanted was a basic picture with a camel, which I can only assume was destined to become her new Facebook profile picture; however, it became quickly obvious that the camel wasn't in the mood. He just looked grumpy. As she approached, he snapped at her. Always the stubborn one, she tried again with the help of the young boy in charge of the camel. Still no luck and a a second snap at Lindsay. On the third attempt, she tried to put her hand out, which was nearly removed from her arm. On the fourth attempt, she finally decided to call it quits.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture this all on film and was only able to get the two photos you see below. I am still kicking myself that I inexplicably missed the left side of her face in the second shot. No excuses; I flat out failed.

Attempt 3; she could almost be accused of taunting the camel at this point
Attempt 4; the camel's revenge

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