Friday, August 6, 2010

Monkey Watch 2010

Upon the return from vacation, I found this letter posted near the elevator in our complex:

While I'm sure the monkeys are likely a nuisance, it's a little presumptuous that the Estate Manager categorically states that they're a nuisance to all residents. I must admit I'm anticipating my first encounter with a monkey in the complex. I can only hope I have the camera when the time comes. I also hope that, when that time comes, the monkey hasn't found a way into our unit. That would not be good.

It's a little scary to think that "no permanent solution can be found" but guess it's a good thing that they're making efforts to find a Langoorwala (a google search turned up all of 38 results). From what I'm able to gather, it's either some sort of monkey wrangler or monkey trainer. Based on the tone of the note, I'm going to assume they're looking for more of a wrangler than a trainer.

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