Monday, May 17, 2010


I read this morning that NBC picked up a Thursday night sitcom for the fall called Outsourced, which I would assume is at least loosely based on the 2006 film with the same name (surprisingly, I haven't seen the movie but have heard it's very good). The show will be based on a manager whose department gets offshored and he's asked to move to India to either manage the operation or transition the job. While there are likely parallels here with my life, I'm actually curious to see how the show presents India and whether or not the show will even be aired here.

(Note, there are a number of American television shows here though few are aired in real time. I think the only "live" program I've heard of is American Idol though I think that's now only aired the same week. Typically, a show will be a season (or two) behind which helps explain why Hulu and other streaming media isn't accessible from outside the United States. The final season of Lost just kicked off here last night when the U.S. is only two episodes from learning the fate of the castaways.)

Regardless, with the help of my trusty Slingbox, not only will I be able to watch the Lost finale before I head to work next Monday (which I'm going to need to do because someone will invariably post some sort of spoiler on Facebook), I'll also be able to check out Outsourced in the fall. Whether or not it's worth comparing to the actual experience remains to be seen. Also remaining to be seen is whether or not there's wide enough appeal to the American viewing public to be reminded on a weekly basis of what many feel is a primary cause for the unemployment problem in the U.S. If there's not much interest in that, this show will have a very short run.

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