Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mid-Year Resolution

So I finally determined that it might be time to make a more concerted effort to extend my friend network (or at least better develop those relationships I’ve started to form) in Gurgaon. I’ve met some really great people while here, but, admittedly, Lindsay has done a better job of meeting people and actually creating what society might recognize as friendships. I’m not sure this should surprise me as I wouldn’t consider myself the world’s greatest “friend” (i.e., I probably could only loosely tell you what some of my closest friends actually do for a living).

This epiphany took place this morning when I made the mistake of plugging my iPod shuffle charger into the computer as it was still “waking” up. I went to make my breakfast, and continued my normal routine of sitting on the couch with some toast, a glass of juice, and my laptop to get caught up on what happened in the real world (i.e., Facebook, Twitter,,, and Gmail) while I was asleep. Much to my chagrin, the “resuming Windows” logo was frozen on the screen. Upon eating breakfast there had been no progress. I was mortified; I felt like I was much too good of a person for this to be happening to. I had no choice but to power completely down (that’s the extent of my troubleshooting skills) and hope for the best. The computer would power on but failed to actually boot; there was just a black backlit screen. I literally felt like I had lost my best friend. That’s how pathetic I’ve become.

In an amazing stroke of luck; I got home from work tonight and tried again (OK, so now I had finally exhausted my troubleshooting skills). I was pleasantly surprised to see the “Vaio” logo appear on the screen quickly followed by one of those “your computer didn’t resume correctly” messages, and three minutes later I was back in business. After quickly backing up my files, I made a mid-year resolution to make sure my computer isn’t the best friend (spouses not included) I have in Gurgaon.

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  1. Hi Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth! Found your blog through expat-blog. I love reading how people perceive our slightly disorganized country and the crazy quirks that you find galore. Good luck with expanding your friend circle. I am a world citizen stuck in India, waiting patiently for that day when her ticket to get out comes through. So if you need any help with anything or are in Delhi and looking for a beer partner, send me a note!

    Have a great weekend!