Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Vexed

We had the first minor, or what some might consider major, hiccup at the apartment this morning. We woke up, Lindsay got ready and went to work early (she had an all day conference), left, and I took my usual breakfast seat on the couch while checking Facebook and email. A while later, I walked into the master bedroom and was surprised to see the curtains blowing in the wind. This was especially shocking because I've never opened a window in the apartment. Period. Especially a window that opens to a sill where a noisy air conditioning unit rests. I checked it out to just see if somehow the A/C was blowing air in a strange and new direction. It was not. I moved the curtain back and the window was wide open; as in, a four foot square hole in my bedroom. At this point, I got a little scared, but there's really no way for a person to get into the apartment from that window (that is, unless they had a ladder). At any rate, I had been sitting in the next room, with the door open the entire time and hadn't heard a thing. In addition, my wallet and watch were sitting out and hadn't been touched. I did, however, check the shower just in case there was some sort of silent intruder. Coast was clear.

The only logical explanation is that the cleaning boy forgot to close it when he had finished wiping down the sill yesterday (yes, the cleaning boy wipes down external surfaces each day as well; believe it or not with the amount of dust and dirt blowing around here, it's kind of necessary). I noticed a few more mosquitoes last night than typical but that still doesn't explain why we didn't notice a wide open window the entire night. Even if the wind wasn't blowing, the temperature seemed fairly consistent with other nights (as in, the air conditioner was running full blast) and I don't think the Roman shade provides the same level of insulation as a real, glass window.

I recognize I live in a place where you kind of need to expect the unexpected, but this one is vexing. Much like Commodus in "Gladiator", I'm vexed.


  1. You need a new category for this one. I cannot rate it funny, interesting, or education. This one is scary.

  2. Funny thing was that I actually thought about adding a new category for you! I'm also curious of either of our mother's reactions to this one....