Friday, May 6, 2011

Time for Home?

Note: I'm now back at home, having landed approximately 25 hours ago at O'Hare; however, since my house here is basically a glorified cabin in the woods (i.e., there are sheets on the furniture, we have water and electricity, but we have no internet or cable), posts over the next couple weeks may be a little dated from the time actually written to when posted. Either that or I'll turn into one of those hipster doofuses that blogs from Starbucks.

One of the final things I did in Gurgaon before heading to the airport was get a quick haircut. Even though I get my hair cut at a higher end place (yes, it's a day spa; I tried a cheaper place once and felt like I needed a shower afterward), the price is only Rs. 330 (about $7.50, or half of what I pay in the states). As I sat in the chair waiting to begin, the dude that was going to cut my hair was struggling to get the plug for the clippers to stay in the outlet. He tried a couple different adaptors but each time either the clipper wouldn’t work or it wouldn’t stay plugged to the wall. Very calmly he called one of the boys responsible for sweeping the f loor over and instructed him to simply hold the plug firm to the wall for the duration of the haircut. A task which, should be noted, was executed to perfection.

The fact this in no way surprised me and seemed a perfectly reasonable solution to the problem at hand made me think that maybe it was time for a little break from this ridiculous little Indian lifestyle.

It should be noted that I was happy with the haircut.

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