Friday, May 6, 2011

"New" Experiences

After sleeping seven hours on the flight home, waking up at what would be around midnight central time, landing five hours later, and keeping myself moving through the day (including a jog, a late breakfast with the in-laws, free Starbucks, and a outdoors clothing shopping), I’m happy to report that I’m not yet suffering the effects of jet lag. It will come; I know it will. It’s just a matter of time; however, I’ll take what I can get. To further stave off the moment when my body just quits for the day, here’s a quick list of twelve experiences from by my first twelve hours home that I hadn’t experienced since I last left American soil:
  • Drank milk that was refrigerated at the time of purchase
  • Emptied a dishwasher
  • Ate at a restaurant specializing in breakfast
  • Placed clothes in a washing machine
  • Dropped clothes at a drycleaner
  • Drove on the right side of the road (the only driving I’ve done in the past six months was in Bali, Indoensia which is like India andf a left side drive)
  • Opened a sunroof
  • Entered a garage
  • Recieved a hug from a child
  • Listened to the radio in a car
  • Purchased a The North Face product
  • Updated my resume (to any colleagues who may be reading, this is entirely for exploring internal opportunities after the assignment)
All in all, a pretty eventful and "normal" first twelve hours.

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  1. I recall, seemingly endless hot water! Of course, this was YEARS ago and we never had that while living in Germany;).