Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to Summer

Apparently, yesterday was the hottest day in the month of March in some 65 years in Delhi. The mercury hit 39.2 degrees Celsius, or as it’s more commonly known, 103 degrees. After what many are describing as the coldest winter in recent memory, everyone at work is expecting a hotter summer than normal. Having still not lived through a real Indian summer (the term “Indian summer” is much more politically correct in these parts but not nearly as pleasant), I keep telling myself it’s going to be just like the winter in Chicago (i.e., you’re really only outside to get from point A to point B but not for much else). On the bright side, a co-worker told me it tends to cool down by around 11:00 pm each night.

Call me crazy, but I’m going to say that just living here in the summer is probably good for five or six pounds. 

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  1. While Dallas may not get as hot in the summer as you will see in India, you are correct in looking at it like a Chicago winter. That is the example I use whenever someone asks me how we get through July and August down here.
    Crank up the A/C and ice down the beer.