Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lindsay Luth Goes Postal

After weeks of pleading, I finally relented and am pleased to welcome my first guest blogger; the lovely, the talented, and the ever so sassy, Lindsay Luth. Please note, what follows is only 14% longer than her average Facebook post....

The hand written scrap of paper indicating I had a package was less than official, but off I went to find the post office.  As I patiently stood in queue, I was able to survey my surroundings and quickly size up that there was no way in hell that my package was here and even more surprising, I don’t know how any mail makes it to a destination.  It was kind of like a time warp, not unlike the FRRO, with stacks of mail just lying around, people in the ‘receiving’ room just drinking tea, and people cutting in line.  I did like how a local India woman who was well dressed basically told the guy to wait his turn and said loud enough for me to hear how no one ever respects the queue.   I took the hint.  When two different people tried to shove in front of me, I repeated her line and gave her a look.. she looked impressed that the Gringo  stood up for herself and gave me an approving smile.

I approached the window and was directed to the ‘receiving’ room where the 6 or so guys drinking tea watched the one guy with an arm cast try to locate my package by half heartedly looking at some random stacks of unclaimed mail.  When he said it was ‘returned’,  I started to turn on the sass and asked ‘really.. you mailed it back to the US?’.   He gave me a look acknowledging that I had called bullshit and didn’t stop me as I tried to help by going through the piles of mail.  I think my fatal error was when I called out the lazy asses who just watched the one armed cast guy and I go through the mail.  They didn’t like that so much so got the ‘post marshal’ to shoo me out and giving me some bogus line that my package was in Delhi.  So, where ever you are my package.. I tried.

While I might have gotten booted out of the receiving mail room, I did come home to find 2 pieces of mail from the US AND apparently someone had contacted the landlord about my foray to the post office and people were trying to locate my package.  Lesson to all… observe, be patient, but don’t be afraid to get a little sassy.


  1. What up Luths!!!


  2. Great story, sounds like you took it in stride!

  3. I'm so going to send you a package now...