Thursday, December 1, 2011

Departure Day

Yesterday we returned from our final adventure in Bhutan, formally moved out of our apartment, and moved into a hotel in Gurgaon for one final night.

At some point, I promise, there's going to be actual new content added to the blog (I'm WAY behind) but I wanted to make sure I posted something today. It's a big day; a milestone day. I'm about seven hours from leaving India (that is, if American Airlines accepts all 9 of our checked bags).

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, or at least granting me the illusion that people were interested in the over-privileged, run-of-the-mill, corporate expat's life in India. That being said, I still have more to say and reflect upon and will keep posting. I also plan to start a "repat" blog (any ideas for titles are greatly appreciated; the leader in the clubhouse is "Good Bye Delhi, Hello Disney").

December will be a busy month. We land Friday morning in Chicago at 5:00am, move out of our townhouse next week, close on a house in Orlando on December 13th (keeping our fingers crossed), travel back to Illinois for the holidays (and a couple of parties) on the 17th, and ultimately end up in Orlando on December 28th.

More to come! Cheers!


  1. Welcome home! And for a title, considering you are going from a place rich in culture to a place of plastic, how about 'from the sublime to the ridiculous'? Or the very superficial 'it's hot wherever we go'. Safe travels!

  2. i have so enjoyed reading along - and will continue to do so once you're in your new home! i loved your perspective on things and writing style - always made me laugh :) safe travels!!

  3. Hello! Sorry to be lurking, but just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading along as well. Interesting tips and thoughts from someone who's not just traveling around but actually living in India. So thanks, and good luck!

  4. Thanks, Dan, glad you enjoyed. Still have a little more to write but struggling to find time. It should slow down after the holidays and hoping to put some grandiose thoughts about what it all meant at that time. Until then, feel free to check out my new site about getting back into the swing of things in the US, From Delhi to Disney.


  5. Hi John,
    Thanks for being a superb mentor in my PMLP programme. Its always been a pleasure to have you here in India.You will be missed John!

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