Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Apartment Tragedy Averted

When Lindsay's Mom was in town, I wrote about the first thing that had fallen to the ground from our apartment; the laundry. Tonight, a second item fell.

I arrived home around 9pm. Yashoda, our cook, heard me come into the apartment and immediately approached. Two things had happened that day. The first, quite minor, was that she had run out of cooking gas while making dinner. The net result of that was that dinner would now consist of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which I actually like, so not a big deal. The second, could have had a disastrous impact to the family that lives below us, unlike the time a wet pair of jeans was blown down to their patio.

Yashoda heard a large crash outside, had no idea what had happened, and decided to come into the apartment to make sure everything was fine. It wasn't. The window air conditioning unit, which in hindsight, always appeared to be precariously perched in our guest bedroom decided its perch was just a little too precarious. She found an empty hole with warm, humid flowing in where cold, refreshing air was once produced.
The tragedy-free end result
Thankfully, and I really mean thankfully, there was no one outside below our apartment. We live on the first floor (yes, the "British" first floor, that's how we do things in India) so there was "only" one family at risk. I can't imagine if we had been on the twelfth or thirteenth floor (yes, our unlike most hotels and other buildings, we actually have a floor labeled "13" in our building). Had this happened a month or two ago, we would have had someone staying in the room and they would have had a much more colorful firsthand account. No one was hurt, and that's the important part.

By the time I returned home, the hole had been temporarily filled with cardboard which is another reason we're glad we selected a "serviced" apartment for our two year stint (things either just get fixed or there's one number to call to get it fixed, and usually quickly). Supposedly, a new unit will be in place today and it will be good as new.

This entire episode was probably not necessarily worth an entire post and all together not that interesting; however, it beat out the stray horse I saw wandering the streets of Gurgaon yesterday afternoon, which I believe was the first stray horse I've seen. See, the air conditioning unit isn't so unexciting after all.


  1. Have you guys ever seen the donkey with its legs tied together? I swear I will one day see it AND have my camera with me.

    That would beat the air conditioning story.

  2. Yikes.

    John, it's international IPA day today. Resume the quest.

  3. Szensy, Colin sent me a note earlier making sure I was aware (I wasn't). Unfortunately, wasn't able to make it back into Delhi (though the IPA is at one of the malls right next to the Grand).