Sunday, June 12, 2011

yTravel Blog Interview

Every couple weeks one of the general purpose travel blogs I follow closely, yTravelBlog, has a "post your URL" Facebook gimmick where they invite followers to post a comment with a short description of their travel blogs. I've found it a great resource to find new and often like-minded travelers to follow. Of all the URL's posted, they select one at random and invite them to answer a few questions about their blog, background, and current location. As luck (I wish I could have said it was talent, but it was definitely luck) would have it, my number was selected a couple weeks ago.

Here's my attempt at sharing with a slightly wider audience what my expat life is like in India. And yes, I complain about the ironic lack of IPA and make reference to the fictional greater Chicagoland area, which if nothing else will make Jim Heenan laugh.

yTravelBlog is the brainchild of Craig and Caz Makepeace, an Australian couple that has spent the past 14 years traveling and living abroad. They've created a great resource for travelers, including deals, ideas, photographs, and dialogue (though most importantly, they just seem the type that would be fun to run into at the end of the day to swap stories over a nice cold one).


  1. loved it! great feature article ... fantastic photos also, John!

  2. Thanks - it's really, really hard to pick out just 4 or 5 photos to try and represent this place!