Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Rajasthani Guard

While we've been busy furniture shopping, I decided I needed a "John" item as well. The result? The four foot Rajasthani guard pictured below. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure he's from Rajasthan. However, since I'm fairly ignorant and have always enjoyed my time in Rajasthan, I'm making the blanket assumption that he's Rajasthani.
Regardless of where he's from, the real issue, according to the wife, is that this proud statue has no name. I've heard suggestions, ranging from "Rajji" which has no meaning and makes him sound like a cartoon character to "Rana Sahib" which is a princely title from his supposed region. You can probably tell which one I like better.

That being said, if you have a suggestion for a name, leave a comment. Your reward? Potentially helping educate me, potentially helping make me laugh.

It's in your hands.


  1. lmao - your posts never fail to crack me up. how about something totally outta left field - like Winston?

  2. Yep, with all those clothes n jewels n turban n beard..Its a Rajasthani Guard for sure.
    Name..Thakur Bhairav Singh, or maybe jz ThakurSa;) (Rajasthani ppl tend to add the suffix Sa to all the salutations:)

  3. He looks like a "George" to me :-)

  4. I think naming him "Thakur Sahab" will suit. He is all dressed up like a typical thakur from Rajasthan.