Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roman Birthday Candle

Today we headed back to brunch at Set'z (pronounced "zest", I think) to celebrate our friend Jodi's birthday. As usual, it's a decadent spread but today had the added bonus of a birthday cake at the end of the meal.

The waitress brought the cake and tried to light the first candle. After a couple of attempts, she was successful and the table was enthralled by the fact it was sort of like a mini-Roman candle that threw sparks into the air. It was almost like a little out of season Diwali celebration. But here's where it gets interesting. To light the second candle, she removed the first and dipped it down to the second candle, much like you would do if they were normal candles. Unfortunately, these were not normal candles; these were flame shooting candles. Thankfully, Jodi is agile like a cat and was able to dodge any errant sparks. Equally thankfully, Lindsay was able to capture the moment on camera. By the look on the face of the waitress, I can't tell if she has any clue how close she was to complete and utter disaster.

Enjoy. I, for one, can't stop giggling any time I look at this picture.


  1. I erupted into giggles as well and have never met Jodi (or you and Miss L for that matter) ... great shot to have captured!

  2. Wow ---this is Jodi's Aunt back in the Dakota's --What a blessing that her head of red hair didn't go up in flames ---guess all that basketball court time is paying off - she still has those quick reflex responses!

    Love the expression ---Glad she and Ben have good friends to celebrate with.