Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Missing a Milestone

Choosing to live the expat life has a number of advantages, many of which have been extensively chronicled over the past year. Choosing to live the expat life has disadvantages as well. I've missed birthdays. I've missed weddings. I've missed holidays and milestones. I've missed lesser events that made me say, "man, it would be nice to be home." Yesterday was different. Yesterday, I missed my Dad's 70th birthday.

Many people hope for a Dad that's a role model. I'm lucky enough where that's actually true (I'm actually lucky enough to have two role model parents; Mom is no slouch either).

To give you a little insight into my Dad, it's a 70th birthday that he found time to squeeze in between his winter ski trips. I can only hope I'm able to say the same when I reach that milestone. When it comes to skiing, I think his biggest complaint is that he's part of the "seniors" cohort that keeps getting the age raised on them for steeply discounted or free lift tickets at the resorts. Not the worst problem to have.
December 2009
Softening the blow of not being able to share his day is the fact that he and my mom are spending the better part of March here in India (at least that's what I used in my own mind to justify not finding a way to get back for it). For all the events I've missed by being here, having them experience the joys and frustrations of this country and getting a glimpse into the stories they've heard and the people we've met will hopefully make up for it. It's one of the greatest advantages of this two-year assignment. I can't wait for it.

Dad, I wish I could have been home but hope you had a great day and wish you a very happy birthday.

(And I hope Mom is letting you watch the Sugar Bowl....Go Bucks!).


  1. As a long-time serial expat, I understand what you mean, In spite of all the advantages of being at home in the world and learning about life in foreign countries, you never get used to missing the important events at home.

    What I also enjoyed reading was your admiration for your parents; too many people just bitch about theirs.

  2. I knew there had to be a reason you turned out so well! Your parents are special people, as are you (and Mrs. Luth). :-)