Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Sarah Immel Ferris Bueller?

We've seen a number of familiar faces from home during our ten months here; however, last night marked the end of the first visit by a familiar face that came to India for no other reason than to visit us.
It wouldn't be a trip to India without an autorickshaw photo op
A good friend of Lindsay's from school, Sarah Fielding (aka, "Immel", her maiden name), successfully landed back at home in Chicago this morning. I haven't heard all the details, but apparently she was involved in a minor traffic incident at the Gurgaon toll plaza on the way to the airport. But worry not, she's home safe and sound.

Traffic incident notwithstanding, by quantitative measure, the trip was a success. That quantitative measure being checked pieces of luggage. Or in a dorkier, more mathematical notation:

Checked Bags Entering India < Checked Bags Leaving India

Always nice to see the impact of a Lindsay Luth-hosted trip.

A maiden trip to India would be incomplete without a trip to Agra to view a certain white landmark. As our first guest, Lindsay was more than happy to tag along even though she's been before and it makes for a long day (i.e., if you come visit us, don't be surprised or insulted if we hire you a driver and send you on your way). For those counting, that's Lindsay's fourth lifetime trip to the Taj Mahal, which by my unscientific poll is more times than 99.999% of Indians.
Lindsay and Immel in front of some white building
More important than crossing any site off a bucket list or any amount of shopping was the fact that the trip even happened at all. After planning the trip, Immel decided to move into a new house, and she actually delayed moving (not just herself, but her husband and three children) by a week in order to make this trip on schedule. On our end, I ended up in the states longer than planned for work and literally arrived on the same flight as her last Thursday night after being away for four weeks and starting a new role at work here this week.

Without getting too sentimental, what I guess I'm saying is that Immel's little trip may have proven what a wise man named Ferris Bueller once said: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."


  1. Since John refuses to add my reaction category of 'Love it!' I am forced to comment. Having Immel here to visit us was amazing and brought us even closer. Friends and loved ones are what life is all about.

  2. ha ha ..... "love it" too. Love you guys so much. It really was such a fun trip. I was in shock this morning when I actually had to drive myself somewhere. You guys have painted such a "clean" picture of my trip. Not to worry--my FB pics will be posted soon, and I don't plan to filter mine as much....! Can you say "sheesha"????? Miss you guys already!

  3. Hey it's Pickard! I loved reading this! I am so glad you guys were able to have that time together! I will get all the dirty details from Immel but sounds like you guys had a blast!

  4. Immel, as soon as I can get an internet connection fast enough to upload video, I'm scheduling the world premiere of your interpretation of "Empire State of Mind".

    Pickard, apparently, I'm trying to be mature and am too filtered....wait for Sarah's album.