Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cow Tapping

It took over 8.5 months, but my driver and I had our first contact in the car this evening with a cow. And before I continue, you'll be relieved to know that it wasn't serious. In fact, it seemed much less serious than the time he hit a stray dog.

We were weaving through back roads in Gurgaon to stay away from traffic. Upon coming to a narrow part of the road (the road really wasn't that narrow but there was only one passable path since the roads have basically disintegrated in the monsoon rains the past couple weeks). A cow was on the left, standing parallel to the car. As Kailesh slowly navigated the potholes, the cow turned its head, and well, the car's windshield tapped the cow. I happened to be on the front end of a conference call and the contact surprised me enough that I exclaimed, "Oh Shit!"

When asked what happened (it was a familiar enough group that the profanity was, while unprofessional, not totally unacceptable), I told the truth. Safe to assume it wasn't what they expected to hear. It's also safe to assume this is a scene that has at least been considered in the minds of the writers for an upcoming episode of NBC's Outsourced. Though from the reviews I've read, the show is apparently insultingly awful enough that it sounds unlikely to make it out of October. More to come on that after it premieres tonight.

No cows were harmed during the act described in this short post. Upon tapping the cow, the author looked back to see the animal still standing unfazed in the middle of the road.


  1. In India, we call them R.T.O. s John :). Road Transport Officer. They will stand right in the middle of the road and wont budge no matter how hard you honk !

  2. It's certainly one of the first things you get used to; I've actually noticed a lot more laying in the road (rather than standing or wandering) than I've noticed before. Might sound dumb, but is that something to do with the weather (this is my first late monsoon here)?